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October 7, 2020

RE: Thank you for your vision and votes on CB 51, 2020

Dear Councilmembers Walsh, Jung and Rigby,

Today the Steering Committee of the Howard County Coalition for Immigrant Justice met and discussed CB 51 (“the Bill”) and its aftermath.  The Committee wishes to express its admiration for your dedication, vision and success in passing the Bill for termination of the Inter Government Services Agreement (“the Contract”) with ICE.  It is clear that you listened, led and created a majority in favor of the Bill.  You have invested time and political capital.  We thank you.

It appears that the Bill will be vetoed.  Not everyone has the same level of compassion for our immigrant residents as you have demonstrated.  But the debate surrounding the Bill has made some things clear: this is an issue that stirs passion, as the large testimony numbers clearly showed.  Moreover, overwhelmingly, there is support in the County for terminating the Contract.  Those that opposed the Bill ignored the will of the voters.  You are on the correct side of this issue.  

The Coalition will continue its work to improve the lot of immigrant residents in Howard County, to include terminating the Contract with ICE.  We look forward to continue working together with you on this issue.  We appreciate your acumen and dedication to the public.

Michael David

On behalf of the Howard County Coalition for Immigrant Justice.