Progressive Media Promoted a False Story of ‘Conflict Beef’ From Nicaragua

Reports by Reveal (10/21/20) and PBS NewsHour (10/20/21) called for a boycott of “conflict beef” from Nicaragua. The Center for Investigative Reporting’s Reveal claims to be “fair and comprehensive” and PBS to be “trusted,” but their misleading and inaccurate reports could have drastic consequences for Nicaragua, at a time when the country is already struggling to deal with US sanctions, the pandemic and the aftermath of two damaging hurricanes.

Sandinismo 3.0: How Nicaraguans Are Fighting to Keep the Revolution Alive & Prevent Regime Change

FoLA's Jill Clark-Gollub joins Chuck Kaufman (Alliance for Global Justice) and Camilo Mejía (a Nicaraguan-born U.S. veteran critical of U.S. imperialism) on a conversation on Nicaragua's fight to keep the Sandinista revolution alive and prevent US-promoted regime change. The experts in this conversation, hosted by the Massachusetts Peace Action, provide much-needed first-hand information on the the revolution's many achievements (including the country's preparedness to fight Covid-19 and respond to the recent hurricanes) and challenges (including climate change and US interventionism).

Howard County should end its contract with ICE

The Baltimore Sun published on November 11th, 2020 a letter by Laurie Liskin, a leading member of our Howard County Coalition for Immigrant Justice, urging county executive Calvin Ball to rescind his veto of County Bill 51-2020, which would have ended Howard County's contract with ICE to detain immigrants at the Jessup Detention Center: "It is time for Howard County to stop making $2 million per year from the ICE contract and stop this appalling treatment of human beings."