Was Thomas Jefferson a Socialist?

In their resolution against socialism, the US House quoted a statement attributed to the author of the Declaration of Independence, slave owner and rapist, and advocate of Native American relocation, President Thomas Jefferson. The quote implies that Jefferson opposed progressive taxation, but, as FoLA's Richard Kohn argues in this blog post, "some would say Jefferson invented progressive taxation, something Congress appears to believe is 'socialism.' One could say that Thomas Jefferson was a “socialist” by the way it is defined today."

Friends of Latin America’s Statement on the Ninth Summit of the Americas

The Summit of the Americas hosted by the Biden administration in Los Angeles last week was a failure. Instead of bringing the countries of the Americas together, the administration took this as an opportunity to divide its neighbors by excluding the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. FoLA is proud to have endorsed the two counter summits run by social movements in the hemisphere: the People’s Summit for Democracy in Los Angeles and the Workers Summit in Tijuana, Mexico. These are the efforts that Friends of Latin America will continue to uplift as we struggle to defend our Latin America neighbors from U.S. interference in their internal affairs, and in the process help to build the better world that we know is possible.

The Siege of El Estor: Resistance to the Continuation of an Extractive and Repressive Neoliberal Status Quo in Guatemala

First-hand reporting and analysis of the Maya Q’eqchi’ resistance movement against multinational corporate exploitation and in defense of land, nature, and the inalienable right to exist. Demonstrate your solidarity with this movement by donating to FoLA's "Fund for Political Prisoners in Guatemala"