Ecuador: Society’s Reaction to IMF Austerity Package

(Spanish Version)

Ecuador IMF Protest

10/10 – An analysis by the former finance minister of Ecuador on the effects of and reaction to a recent set of austerity reforms recommended by the International Monetary fund. The author notes that private corporations – particularly those in the fossil fuel industry – have benefited from the reforms. She also examines the detrimental effects the reforms will have on the Ecuadorean economy. Ecuadoreans are currently protesting the reforms.

Campesinas nicaragüenses en busca de una mano amiga

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9/17 – A local read highlighting the work of a FoLA member! The article discusses work by organizers in Silver Spring, Maryland to connect their community to and fundraise for the Fundación Entre Mujeres, a group of women educating, organizing, and farming in rural Nicaragua. (Article in Spanish)


(Cuba vs Bloqueo – Link)

(Cuba Vs. The Blockade) – A thorough analysis of the economics impacts of the United States blockade against Cuba. The report includes an overview of economic and political history between Cuba and the United States as well as case studies showcasing the effects of current US policy on consumers and businesses on the island. (English version begins page 55 of the report, page 27 of the pdf) art

8/25 – A chilling read on the interconnections between US security forces and an Israeli military contractor art 8-28

8/25 – An engaging article by foreign policy critic and author John Perry on local human rights organizations in Nicaragua drawing up death totals to suit their funders’ wishes.