Biden amplifies anti-Sandinista propaganda

"[...] The stories of refugees coming from Nicaragua convey that Nicaragua is a tyrannical regime even though no evidence was provided. Those who believe immigrants should be allowed to migrate from any country in which they do not feel safe are sympathetic to those who say they are punished for their political activities. Those sympathies are manipulated by the press to make readers believe the Nicaraguan government punishes dissidents. [...] The corporate news media is planting the seeds for more US military intervention in Central America and Biden will be a willing commander."

Friends of Latin America (FoLA) Delegation Report Back from Nicaragua

A group of nine US citizens visited Nicaragua from January 4 to the 15th, 2020. During their 12 day stay, they visited hospitals, clinics, farms, and a major prison. They met with doctors and medical staff, unions, cooperatives, a military veterans’ group, environmental groups, student groups, peasant women organizations and government officials. This event provides a brief report on their experience.