Nicaragua: U.S. sanctions will disrupt sustainable beef production and reforestation

In a recent article for COHA (Council on Hemispheric Affairs), FoLA's Richard Kohn (professor of Animal Science at the University of Maryland) refutes claims that Nicaragua is destroying its rain forests and allowing beef ranchers to convert them to pastures in the country’s vast nature reserves. Based on his personal and professional experience, Kohn demonstrates that, contrary to this misleading narrative, the nature reserves in Nicaragua are not being deforested, and the Nicaraguan government has been promoting more sustainable beef production and reforestation. Economic sanctions could jeopardize these efforts.

When writing to our senators gets no response, perhaps we need new senators

For several years, Rick Kohn (University of Maryland professor and FoLA member) has been writing senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen about ending sanctions against Nicaragua, but never received a response. Recently, he also wrote Greenbelt's Mayor Colin Byrd, who's planning to run against Van Hollen in 2022. Byrd not only engaged in conversation, demonstrating familiarity with the issues at hand, but also publicly expressed his opposition to the RENACER Act, a bill (sponsored by Cardin) aimed at further destabilizing Nicaragua.

Peace delegation visits Nicaragua to explore impact of U.S. sanctions

A group of 13 North Americans will be travelling to Nicaragua from March 14-24 in a delegation organized by Sanctions Kill! and Friends of the ATC to express their deep concern to the Nicaraguan people regarding the impacts of U.S. sanctions on the country. This delegation of journalists, activists and students will meet with grassroots groups that conform the Rural Workers’ Association (ATC – Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo) to understand the effects of the sanctions on ordinary Nicaraguans and how they are organizing to mitigate the impact on their day-to-day lives.