Progressive Media Promoted a False Story of ‘Conflict Beef’ From Nicaragua

Reports by Reveal (10/21/20) and PBS NewsHour (10/20/21) called for a boycott of “conflict beef” from Nicaragua. The Center for Investigative Reporting’s Reveal claims to be “fair and comprehensive” and PBS to be “trusted,” but their misleading and inaccurate reports could have drastic consequences for Nicaragua, at a time when the country is already struggling to deal with US sanctions, the pandemic and the aftermath of two damaging hurricanes.

Biden amplifies anti-Sandinista propaganda

"[...] The stories of refugees coming from Nicaragua convey that Nicaragua is a tyrannical regime even though no evidence was provided. Those who believe immigrants should be allowed to migrate from any country in which they do not feel safe are sympathetic to those who say they are punished for their political activities. Those sympathies are manipulated by the press to make readers believe the Nicaraguan government punishes dissidents. [...] The corporate news media is planting the seeds for more US military intervention in Central America and Biden will be a willing commander."