Sandinismo 3.0: How Nicaraguans Are Fighting to Keep the Revolution Alive & Prevent Regime Change

FoLA's Jill Clark-Gollub joins Chuck Kaufman (Alliance for Global Justice) and Camilo Mejía (a Nicaraguan-born U.S. veteran critical of U.S. imperialism) on a conversation on Nicaragua's fight to keep the Sandinista revolution alive and prevent US-promoted regime change. The experts in this conversation, hosted by the Massachusetts Peace Action, provide much-needed first-hand information on the the revolution's many achievements (including the country's preparedness to fight Covid-19 and respond to the recent hurricanes) and challenges (including climate change and US interventionism).

Howard County should end its contract with ICE

The Baltimore Sun published on November 11th, 2020 a letter by Laurie Liskin, a leading member of our Howard County Coalition for Immigrant Justice, urging county executive Calvin Ball to rescind his veto of County Bill 51-2020, which would have ended Howard County's contract with ICE to detain immigrants at the Jessup Detention Center: "It is time for Howard County to stop making $2 million per year from the ICE contract and stop this appalling treatment of human beings."