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Jill Clark-Gollub lives in the Washington, DC area and is from a Nicaraguan/ American family. Since the 2018 attempted coup in Nicaragua, Jill has been working to help get out the truth about what is really happening in the country, and to connect social movement activists in the U.S. and Nicaragua, working primarily through Friends of Latin America in Maryland. In January 2020 she led a delegation to Nicaragua on behalf of that solidarity group.

Chuck Kaufman is National Co-Coordinator of the Alliance for Global Justice. He has been a leader of the Central and Latin America solidarity movements since joining the staff of the Nicaragua Network in 1987. Chuck has been in the front ranks of the movements to support the right of people in Latin America and the Caribbean to dignity, sovereignty, and self-determination. He has led delegations to Nicaragua, Venezuela, Haiti and Honduras.

Camilo Mejia was born in Nicaragua but moved to the US as an adolescent. Shortly after graduating from high school he joined the U.S. military and was eventually deployed to Iraq in 2003. After five months in active combat, including posts in Baghdad, al Haditah, al Assad, and al Ramadi, he was sent home on leave, where he recognized and publicly condemned the Iraq war as criminal and immoral. He was subsequently court-martialed and charged with desertion and sent to serve nine months of incarceration at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. Mejia lives in Miami and continues to actively speak out against U.S. imperialism.


Adrienne Pine is a medical anthropologist and professor at American University who has worked alongside Central Americans for over two decades. She is currently serving a sentence of probation in Western MA for her part in protecting the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC against ongoing US-led efforts to oust the elected government of that country in a coup.

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