Video: Women Displaced: Central American Migration Made in the USA

Our International Women's Day event last night was a major success, with hundreds of attendees from all over the US and Latin America. The event started with a film by CODEPINK's Michelle Ellner, featuring first-hand testimonies from women from Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, countries that have been heavily impacted by US foreign policy. The film was followed by a live conversation with social movement women leaders from the three countries. A recording of the entire event should be available soon, but Ellner's powerful film can already be seen on YouTube.

Open letter: Nearly 800 organizations and individuals demand Biden end support for brutal Moïse regime

FoLA and nearly 800 organizations and individuals published an open letter demanding that the Biden administration end support for the brutal Moïse regime in Haiti. “President Biden claims to care about racial equity but his actions in Haiti show the emptiness of that rhetoric,” said Ajamu Baraka of the Black Alliance for Peace, one of signatories of the open letter.

“Peace & Dignity Are Human Rights”: Dan Kovalik’s talk is now online!

Daniel Kovalik's enlightening and timely keynote presentation at FoLA's latest annual Human Rights event ("Peace & Dignity are Human Rights," Dec 4th, 2020) is now available online! From Nicaragua to Libya, he shows how the US' use of human rights as an excuse to bomb, invade, and sabotage other countries goes against the core principles of the UN's Declaration of Human Rights, besides being illegal under international law.