Cuba Fund Campaign 2012  at LAWGEF  !

This is not your typical Latin America Working Group Education Fund (LAWGEF) fundraising campaign. This is a seven month long campaign– May 2012-December 2012. We know, we’re trying to pace ourselves. There will be many opportunities to join ourstellar honorary co-chairs and campaign committee  and contribute to LAWGEF over the course of these seven months.

The work that LAWGEF has done thus far in regards to changing our Cuba policy has proven to be even more important within our current political climate. Check out some of our achievements here. Since President Obama made changes to the travel regulations in January 2011, we’ve seen a huge wave of U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba. As a result we’ve also been witness to the amazing stories and experiences that many have had on their travels. However, there are attempts coming from many angles in Congress that aim to roll back the progress we’ve made. We cannot let that happen. In addition, many of our traditional funders have limited or stopped funding Cuba advocacy because they think the job has been completed, yet this is not the case.

For the first time in decades, the political environment in both Washington and Havana is such that a sea-change in U.S.-Cuba relations is not only possible, but inevitable. Your contribution to the Cuba program of the Latin America Working Group Education Fund will assist us in taking advantage of these exciting developments and to ensure we don’t return to the counter-productive policies of previous years.

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