Seminar on Socialist Renewal and the Capitalist Crisis

A Cuban-North American Exchange 
 Havana, Cuba    June 18-22, 2012


A.  Cuba’s Economic Reforms

  • *Need for Reform: Problems in Cuban Society
  •  Building a New Consensus
  • The Reform Program
  • Obstacles to Reform
  • Outcomes?
  • A New Model for Socialism?:  Theory of Socialism

B.  Latin America Moves Left

  •  21st Century Socialis
  • Protagonism and Participation
  • Endogenous Development
  • Solidarity Economy
  • ALBA


  •  Overaccumulation Crisis and Stagnation
  • Corporate Globalization
  • Financialization
  • Exhaustion of Neoliberalism
  • Austerity Fix
  • Class Power and Growing Inequality
  •  Political Crisis
  • Popular Fight Back
  • Strategic Alternatives

Call for Presenters and Commentators  

 Part I will give the Cubans an opportunity to inform their NA comrades about cutting edge developments in their country.  Part II will give NAs an opportunity to share their insights on developments in the capitalist world.  Bi-national dialog is encouraged.  Submit a brief abstract of your proposed presentation by April 2, 2012 to

Pre-Seminar Activities

Various group activities prior to the Seminar will include visits to cooperatives, urban gardens, community development projects, social research centers, and educational and medical institutions.  These will involve people-to-people contact.


Estimated cost for the entire program, June 11 through 23, 2012 is $1500 plus airfare.  This includes 12 nights in a shared room in Hotel Vedado with breakfast, translation, transportation and group activities.


The U.S. government severely restricts travel to Cuba except by license from the US Treasury Department.  Professionals doing research in Cuba can go legally under a General License for Research.  Others can travel under our license for people-to-people educational exchange.


Center for Global Justice (a project of Radical Philosophy Association), and Facultad de Filosofia e Historia, Universidad de la Habana, Instituto de Filosofia, and Sociedad Cubana de Investigaciones Filosoficas.

For further information contact


Cliff DuRand, David Schweickart, Harry Targ, Leo Panitch, Victor Wallis, Milton Fisk, Ed D’Angelo, Ofelia Schutte, Al Campbell, Jualynne Dodson, Carl Davidson, Betsy Bowman, Bob Stone.

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