Next Meeting:   TUESDAY, March27, 2012.
Home of Lesliel,  7:15 PM refreshments, 7:30 PM meeting.
Please park on the street.

Highlights from our most recent meeting:

Trip to Venezuela: Bette Hoover may be organizing a trip to the Prout Institute in Venezuela in the summer or fall.  If interested, please contact her at Next meeting will be at Leslie’s, 6336 Sandchain Road, Columbia 21045, 410 381-4899,

Dues:   Dues are $15 and are voluntary.

Cuba: J. B. told us about his recent trip to Cuba  at the end of January. He described visits to artists, musical events and the Martin Luther King Center. The price was $1400 for 11 days plus airfare.  It was his 4th trip to Cuba.  He reported that the remittances to the island have increased to $ 2 billion. There is still a two tier economy.  Americans have to change their money to the convertible peso.  One reason might be to keep $$ out of circulation.  There has been an increase in private enterprise.

Cuban Five: The man who was released is in Miami and wants to go back to Cuba because his brother is ill.  He’s a U.S. citizen and has requested permission from the authorities.

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